About our products
We use natural ingredients and FSC certified materials and print, which we source from UK suppliers. We are passionate about supporting other local businesses and cutting down on our carbon footprint too! We don’t use parabens, SLS or microbeads, and in Feb 2017 we changed our cosmetic glitter to a mineral mica meaning it’s now totally natural and doesn’t harm the environment. We are constantly striving to improve how we impact the environment around us and believe that even the smallest change can help. See our Environmental policy for more information.

Whilst both are foaming cleansing agents added to beauty products and although they might sound the same there is a HUGE difference!
SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) affects skin proteins causing damage to the outer layer of skin and results in cracked, dry and tender skin. It has been identified as an irritant so if you suffer with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as dermatitis, then you’re going to want to steer clear of products containing SLS. This is why you’ll never find SLS in our products.
Instead we use SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) this is much much gentler and won’t aggravate your skin or strip it of any excess moisture. Skincare products containing SLES will be just as cleansing & foaming as SLS but they will also benefit your skin after use by leaving it feeling silky soft, smooth and nourished.

Against Animal Testing
We never ever test our products on animals and strive to only work with cruelty free suppliers. Over 95% of our product range is now Vegan friendly, with 100% being Vegetarian safe.

Our Fragrances
We use both essential oils and fragrance oils, all high quality and meeting current standards and legislation.

EU Cosmetic Safety Tested and Approved
As a legal requirement all cosmetics and skin care products sold in the UK should be assessed and passed by a EU Cosmetic Safety Assessor. All of our products have been fully assessed and approved.