Our Environmental Policy

Just because we’re pretty (and pink!) doesn’t mean we’re not green! Doing our bit for the environment has always played a huge part in what we do here at Pretty Little Treat Co…in fact it’s kind of been ingrained in us from the start, it’s just that we’ve never shouted about it. Every decision we make about our products has careful consideration from the raw ingredients we use to the way we package and ship out our gorgeous products and gifts to you. As from 15th April 2019 we went 100% sustainable with our packaging.

Our Packaging
You might have gathered by now that we’re not huge fans of plastic…instead we’re big on glass, aluminium and card because we love the fact that they’re all 100% home recyclable! A couple of our shower products do require that extra bit of safety when handled with slippy hands, so where glass is a no no, we use PET plastic which is completely 100% recyclable too!…simply pop it straight into your home recycle bin with the rest of your plastic. The card and paper we use are either sourced from sustainable forests or made with recycled material and are 100% recyclable too! Our cellophane bags, gummed tape and packing chips are all made from biodegradable plant materials and can been home composted.

Here’s how you can recycle our packaging:

Pretty Little Treat Co 100% Sustainable Recyclable packaing info_tiny

In line with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition best practice for sustainability in order of preference is: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost, Energy Recovery, Landfill. You can read their Design for Recycled Content Guide here.

Our Ingredients
We use natural ingredients which we source from local UK suppliers where possible. This is something we will always strive to do as we believe that not only is supporting local businesses a must, but it also cuts down on our carbon footprint too! We don’t use parabens, SLS or microbeads either, and in Feb 2017 we changed our cosmetic glitter to a natural mica so it doesn’t harm our fishy friends! We are constantly striving to improve how we impact the environment around us and believe that even the smallest change can help.

Against Animal Testing
We never ever test our products on animals full stop.

EU Cosmetic Safety Tested and Approved
As a legal requirement all cosmetics and skin care products sold in the UK should be assessed and passed by a EU Cosmetic Safety Assessor. All of our products have been fully assessed and approved.