Serious Bath Soak for Fine Gentlemen


Product Description

This fresh scented bath soak contains mineral-rich sea salt, well known for it’s therapeutic effects.

The fragrance has notes of menthol, camphor and herbs, for a head-clearing, invigorating effect. Great for helping to ease tired muscles after playing sport. Presented in vintage style packaging, these little envelopes feature the face of a handsome Edwardian actor.

The back of the pack reads:

Frivolous bubble baths are for ladies!
When you need to ease weary muscles or help to clear your head, you need a serious bath. Simply sprinkle these serious bath salts into a warm bath and enjoy the scent of fresh mint, camphor and herbs. Then lie back, relax and enjoy a seriously good bath.

In our signature Fresh Invigorating fragrance  |   Vegan friendly.


1-29: £3.50 each
30-74: £2.95 each
75-500: £2.50 each

*The Serious Bath Soak can be purchased as part of The Gift Set for Fine Gentlemen


Maris sal, parfum, linalool, amyl cinnamal, limonene


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