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About Us

Here at Pretty Little Treat Co, we believe that life’s little luxuries – such as bath & body products  – should not just serve a purpose but should be beautiful too.

Buying for yourself or someone else something that is beautiful feels very special. After years of modern minimalism, we believe that people are returning to the trends and styles of yesteryear, when great attention to detail meant that many items and products were so much more beautiful than they are today.

There is something far more charming about a product that has been carefully made by hand rather than mass produced on a factory floor.

We want our products to be pretty, charming and unique. We hope that when you receive one of our beautifully packaged, handmade products you will love the attention to detail and finishing touches that we bestow on our products, and we hope that you enjoy them just as much as we enjoy making them!

So, if you love all things vintage or handmade, or you are simply looking for something a little bit different to what you may find on the high street, take a look at our gorgeous handmade products!

You can find our  products in select retail outlets (stockist list coming soon).

If you are a retailer and you would like to carry our products, please visit the wholesale stockists page for further information.

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